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Caribbean Queen "Luxe Blend"

Caribbean Queen - Luxe Blend

Extra Extra, Read All ABout It...

Set the tone in your home this season with a floral-y, vibrant bold rich aroma. It comes saged with good intentions, sprinkled with crushed rose petals and dashed with colored glitter. Smells amazing? Hell yeah!

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Jumbo Tealights...

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▪︎Jumbo Tealights

▪︎3 ounces

▪︎Luxe Gold 'Deep Dish' Tins


These tins are great as a sample size. Unsure of what jar candle to purchase - try these at only $5.55. Wow!

When on the go toss a few in your purse or your travel bag. Surprise your cool a*s coworkers, family or friends with one or a few of these jumbo tealights. Place one in all the smaller, compact spaces of your home or office.

The luxe gold color adds that pop of elegant fly-ness to any home or office decor. Try them alone or pair them with any of our gold stackable tins.

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