TRIBE (customer) Photos be GIVING...rib bit!

Heeey Tribe,
Today's post is about a photo sent to me from a happy Tribe member (customer). The photo is not only super cute but it shows the experience is going well. The photo alone tells me the candle is being properly taken care of. The wick is consistently being trimmed. And I love to see it.
Someone called me small frog in a text message and I said 'well damn - I look like a frog' 😂 but they meant small fry. However, I looked up the symbolism of a 🐸 and realized they symbolize transformation, fertility, purity and more. They're even seen as a powerful good luck sign. Wow! Never knew! 
So moving on after being mistakenly called a frog - I later learned being called a frog mistakenly or not, really isn't too bad 🤔hell, ion know. Maybe I'm tripping. Any who, I later received this peaceful photo. 
Eighth & Ross photo - Caribbean Queen candle
I mean - It's GIVING LIT! 
Eighth & Ross photo - scented candle


Thank you (Ms. Baptiste) for sharing your Eighth & Ross experience. I know you stay Lit! We appreciate thee consistent love you've showed us since our initial start. 

Here at Eighth & Ross, we appreciate the love shown from each and every customer. Because of you we continue flowing. Let's continue to Stay Lit together. Give thanks! 

Until next time - Peace 

Love A...


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  • When your Unrivaled Candle burns low, it’s time to Trim Candle Wick ! A properly trimmed wick allows for an even burn and a longer lasting candle.

    David Campbell

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