YouTube vibes...

I hope you have rested well and woke up happy, beaming with dope ass vibes. Okay!

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood. I’m in pretty good spirits today. 

I’ve wanted to start and grow a YouTube channel and tribe for many years. I’ve finally learned the basics in editing which was once a beast I was intimidated by. No more!

I’m not an editing guru but I’ve learned enough to get my videos to be a bit more cohesive with other properly edited videos.

This morning I loaded a video about fragrance oils a topic I love. I shared a haul of new oils I recently received as well as some I already sell on my website.

They all smell so good so I’m pretty excited when fragrance oils are the topic at hand.

Today is the start of a new day here in America. I’m not a political person but I pray American citizens can see better, brighter days ahead. I pray for equality, true justice for black and brown people. Not to mention less division, hate and police brutality on people of color.

I’m here for the good. It’s all about good over evil in my book of life.

However, I’m very aware that at times all that peaceful talk and love can and will turn into fck this shit - I got time today.

Any who - If you’re interested in checking out my YouTube channel here’s the link.

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Psss... - I hope your Thursday is filled with genuine smiles and inner happiness.

Peace Love & Light

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