Year 1...


Hello, hello, hello,

Singing I'm so excited and I just can't hide it. Yesss!

Eighth & Ross is 1 year up baby. Yay!!

I'm so damn proud of myself for getting started on this journey. I mean a whole year of online lit vibes.

It's been such an awesome journey thus far. Still the beginning with so far to go - I'm just glad I through my fear of getting started out the window.

The journey has not always been easy but it has certainly been fun and interesting. You know it's also been LIT. I've gotten nothing but positive feedback from those I know and don't know. I've learned so much about myself this pass year. It's been one of the best experiences of my life. 

Hearing others love on my candles make my heart smile so big. Hearing others send love my way for getting started. Expressing to me how proud they are of me - it's all nice and appreciative.

Just know, I took my time learning the whole Candle 101 of candle making - more than a year of learning through personal research, trial and error. Some simple guidance from my Facebook group before I launched. Viola, I'm here!

Pineapple Sage customer pic - Eighth & Ross

I know that these candles are amazing. I know they add a luxe, scent-ual vibration to your space when you're burning them. I take my time, I pour love and good intentions into each and every pour to ensure your experience is lit and enjoyed.

So yes, I appreciate the love that I receive. 

Eighth & Ross pic

For every like, share or review and of course every purchase - I Thank You.

Cheers to 1 year - Many more to go. 

Ross the Boss

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