Wellness Wednesdays - let's make it a thing!

Hey there,

A week or so ago I reached out to you via email about self-love, self-care, Sundays. Well, today I’m following up on that email to you in this blog post. Today is hump day to many but I like to call it Wellness Wednesday.

Wellness Wednesday is a day to check in with yourself if it’s not something that you do often. It’s the middle of the work week whether you’re a 9-5 employee, a stay-at-home mom/dad or a blazing entrepreneur – mid week calls for some mindfulness. I trust that life is treating you well – I trust the people you’re surrounded by daily is treating you well too.

There’s so much trauma news going on nowadays that you must allow yourself to hear about it – process it – and move pass it. Limit yourself with all that low vibrating shxt that bring down your spirit or get you all emotional and out of sorts. Don’t do it!

Today – how have you loved on yourself? As for me, I drove to work this morning speaking life over my life. I told myself that I love myself. I tell myself often how proud of myself I actually am.

Have you loved on yourself today? It’s so easy to build yourself up daily. Just a few kind intentional words that you mean from your heart will do wonders to your spirit. You’re the bomb, and you should know it and feel it too. You deserve to be happy, and I pray that you genuinely are – not because life is so perfect (because it never will be) but because you’re present, you’re healthy and you matter. That alone is enough for you to smile, be glad and rejoice.

Life is good.

Now it’s time for you to build yourself up – love on yourself in the simplest to grandest ways. Now talk nice to yourself. Go ahead - do it.

Now don't that shxt feel so good?!

Be sure to check in sometimes and see what new posts you may have missed.

I’ll be adding a new post weekly – hopefully.

Lol :-)

So, I’m out – until next time. Stay grounded.

Peace Love & Light


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