Wax Samplers Available - Yay!!!

Hey there,

We now have wax melt samples available and I'm so excited to share that. Check out our Youtube video here and watch us pour a few samples.

So, I've been asked on a few occasions if we have wax melts samples available and now we do. I'm loving the fact that I can offer a small sample with purchased orders too. I feel it's a great way to allow customers to try a different scent than what they've ordered.

These samples are on the website now for purchase or you can place any order and expect one to be placed in your order. My goal is to give customers a scent that wasn't ordered.

Wax Samplers Eighth & Ross

Our samples are 1 ounce and poured using a soy wax. If you're unsure of what candle scent to purchase you can always tap into these wax samplers at such a low cost. They will help you figure out which scent is best for you without you having to spend money for multiple candles.

Check out our wax samples here.

Thanks for stopping by - I'll see you in the next post.

Wax Samplers - Eighth & Ross

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