My Journey To Getting Started...

In 2017, I knew I wanted to start a small business. I had thoughts of doing something outside of a job for years. Yet, I wasn't quite sure of what I actually wanted to do. I knew that I wanted a physical product to offer, that would promote happiness, healing and add to any self care routine. I wanted to create something that was a Universe love to many.

Let's go back to when I was in my early 20s and I use to make unscented candles. I use to enjoy melting and pouring into my votive containers. Thanks to my mom I've always been around candles since a youth. She had and still have an addiction and love for candles burning in the home almost daily. I have now adopted that addiction even before having Eighth & Ross.

So, in 2018 when this candle vision came to me, I immediately begin to look into all things candle making. Google was my best friend during this journey along with YouTube. However, with candles it doesn't matter how much you research, or how many informative videos you watch. If you're not actually making the candles and testing the candles then you'll never learn the proper way to make them. There is so much frustration that goes into candle -making in the initial beginning more than any other time in my opinion. 

So, I bought my very first candle kit in February of 2019. I was ready to get shit popping. The first kit taught me so much and nothing. I knew I needed a candle community to bounce ideas and questions off of. I turned to Facebook groups, found a gem of a group and learned more about waxes, wicks and testing my candles and the results I should be looking for when burning a candle. I learned so much from that group, watched others start their businesses and share their experiences as new online businesses. Their journeys gave me trust in mines but fear was still holding me back from entering such a saturated market even though I have an amazing product and have gotten this far. Lmao! 

My initial thought was to launch July 2020 but I was so damn nervous to start Eighth & Ross. Man I had excuses for days. I felt it might be too much for me to keep up with and I'd lack time for pouring into my business. I also thought I wouldn't be supported and my candles would just sit on my home shelf especially since it was a whole pandemic going on. Launching during Covid had my nerves rattled knowing that supplies were always out of stock it seemed, jobs were being loss everywhere and people were facing lots of new traumatic situations they'd nerve faced before.

However, I'm a firm believer in Big GOD, Source, Most High or what ever term you use. I knew that if I was to just get started and have faith everything would work out just fine. The Universe had been sending me signs letting me know that I was already being supported and that Fear could not occupy the same space as Faith. I was more than ready and fully prepared so on November 11, 2020 - Eighth & Ross was born. I'd finally gave birth to my first business and I felt so damn good, nervous AF but good still. Sales came rolling in and it made me so happy that I had told fear "Fukc You" and launched. 

Grateful that I got started because I love pouring candles. I love the feeling candles add to my personal spaces. They're light adds light to my life and it's appreciated. They bring me positive thoughts. They just make me happier sniffing in their fragrant scent-ual-ness. I love it here and I am not going any where. 

This journey has helped me believe in myself much more and trust myself more. I've been supported from day one by those I know and don't know. I'm so thankful to YOU for supporting and shopping with Eighth & Ross. I love receiving your orders, receiving your reviews and being supported. I'm thankful to my family that consistently buy my candles, love them.

P.S. - To those of you wanting to purchase go ahead and give us a shot. I promise you'll be coming back for more. We're small but we're definitely one of thee dopest candle businesses out there. Toot, toot!

This is only the beginning - I look forward to vending at some of the coolest events around Atlanta. I look forward to Eighth & Ross expanding and growing so much that I out grow my full time job. That's the goal for sure as I'd rather work my own business every day and thrive doing so. Until then "Imma boss and worker" in my Erykah Badu voice. Okaay! 


***If you're wondering if you should start the answer is YES. Do not hold yourself back and miss out on all the possibilities that are there for you waiting on you to get started. This is not just about business but about all the things that we wish to start or complete but places it on the back burner due to life happening. Your vision deserves to be seen and heard so do you. Get started and grow from there or finish what you've started and thank yourself. 

Thanks for reading...


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Until next time...


A. Ross💋

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