Let Go of Comparison...

In the world we live in today comparison is at an all time high. It's responsible for so many deaths in today's society due to our ability to view other people's shared posts. Now with social media and so many online outlets that allow each of us to share pieces of our lives. It has become a question to one's self whether if they are good enough or if they have enough. 

See, what we see on social media does not determine one's happiness. It's only giving the viewer and edited picture, post or video of what that person wants us to see. More often than not people only share the good, the highs. Not too many people are showing you the arguments with there significant other that was bad, they're not showing the bad doctors results, they're not showing the kids failing in school or the bills that are overdue nor will they show the negative bank accounts or the bad credit scores or the lack of self esteem they silently have.

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Complete happiness and self elevation should be all of our goals over many other things. Stability, good health, freedom, joy and love to me are what matters most. However many don't feel the same.

Many people don't realize that comparison is a joy thief. It sucks life out of you, it kills your spirit because it have you feeling lower because you aren't living the way your favorite IG person is living. People are killing themselves or just going into depression over other people's likes. That's not it love.

We must wake up! We've got to be responsible for our own happiness. We can't keep wondering if his or her grass is greener and just focus more importantly on watering our own damn grass. That's how yours become greener. 

Close that social media app. Pray, meditate and look within at how far you've come and be proud of where you are. Compare yourself to your past self and pat yourself on the back for your growth. I promise you'll find that you're just as lit as your favorite IG crave. You'll realize the life you live is worth your happiness. Whatever you feel you're lacking you can have if you get out of your feelings of comparison and work towards it. Simple!

The only person you should be comparing yourself to is the person staring back at you in the mirror. Everyday we must strive to be better than we were yesterday. Grow! That's it! I promise once you begin doing that, you'll realize you've been cheating yourself all along thinking you wanted your life to be like someone else's.

You're the shit love! We're all blessed with our own unique qualities and abilities. Don't miss out on utilizing them and being your best self instead of thinking someone else's best or less than best self would suit you better. 

You are magic baby - share it, feel it, know it. Be it! 😉




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A. Ross💋

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