Favor Connections...🕊

Today I didn’t plan to post shxt but after getting a text message I felt so deep, I decided to share my thoughts.

I love praying. I can get in my car and just talk to the Creator, the Source for my full ride, short or long. Bathroom, kitchen I mean grocery shopping you name it, I’ll pray any and everywhere. I’ve enjoyed praying since a child. I find it necessary and helpful. I also love to meditate but I seem to pray more.

That said, when praying I often times have asked to be connected to my proper tribe. Ya know, people who vibrate on your same frequency. People who's trodding a similar journey or have already been where you’re heading or trying to go. I’ve always heard birds of a feather. However, it was usually used to describe bad company verse good.

In my prayers, I ask for people who I’ll naturally rock with. People who I can bounce ideas off of, create with, be challenged by, learn from, laugh, adventure and grow with. People who are already successful or well on their way. People who’s building and in constant motion, positive spirits as well as those aligned with their purpose.

These are the type of people I pray to connect with. I know my tribe is out there, I patiently wait until it’s our divine time to link up.

Daily my sister sends me screenshots of her Joel Olsteen morning messages. I highly appreciate them as they often hit right on time. Pretty much like this one, the daily prayer I’ve posted is pretty much similar to my prayers as you can see.

So this made me want to share my thoughts because I really felt this prayer. I gave thanks to the Source for this message finding me. Favor connections, I love it. Signs are everywhere if we just pay attention. I know I’m on my way to being successful in the ways I’d like to be. I just can’t wait to get fully connected to those I’m supposed to be rocking with the long way and the strong way.

Do you have a tribe that you’re growing with? Are you connected to those that lift you and help you grow? If so, share your thoughts on how your tribe benefits you. I’d love to hear from you. After all, birds of a feather ain't so bad when it's good company. 

Until next time. I’ll continue vibing how I do.


A. Ross💋

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