Pineapple x Sage - Scented Candle

Pineapple x Sage - Scented Candle

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This fruity yet herbaceous, tropical blend of fresh cut pineapples, sage and green leaves. It's a nice balance of earthy with a lovely sweet twist. 

It's like diced pineapple everywhere! Yummy!

Jar Tops - comes in either gold or black

Top notes: Pineapple

Middle notes: Green Leaves, Palm, Anise

Base notes: Sage, Sugar

Essential oil infused: Eucalyptus, Cedar, Vetiver, Lemongrass, Black Pepper, Blue Chamomile Flower

25+ hours burn

Candle Room Size Suggestions: In the case of scent throw, the size of your candle vessel does matter when trying to figure out the potency the throw will have in a room. 

7oz Candles: Our 7oz jars are perfect for medium sized rooms such as bedrooms, living rooms as well as the kitchen. Two or more needed for rooms with high ceilings and larger spaces. 

Shipping: Monday - Thursday

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