What's Popping in 2022 🥂

Hey hey hey 👋🏽 

    It's a whole new year in this bihhh 😝 - 2022 to be exact. I'm always excited to witness a new calendar year. I'm always appreciative to just physically be here with those I love especially my son-shines. 

This year I'm looking forward to being a better version of ME. I'm focusing on my divine powers to create some of my personal and business goals. 

I have a something I've been interested in doing for some time now. However, due to our current situation happening all over (that C-19) I've held back my interest in physically sharing my business this way. Now that I'm realizing it's not going anywhere anytime soon - it's necessary that I make it happen regardless.

That being said I'm going to share a few of my small goals (personal and business) for the 2022. 

▪︎ attend/experience a pop-up shop or two as a business owner 😝 slanging these Eighth & Ross scent-sational candles in person

▪︎ be consistent with my YouTube channel - at least 3 videos per month 

▪︎ stay consistent with my at-home workouts (weekdays only) 💪🏾

▪︎ eat meatless 4xs a month, 1 day each week

Okay so now that I've shared my goals with you it's only right that you share ah lil sum'n sum'n with me too.

I'm listening sis! 👂🏽

Let me know just ☝🏽 goal you have in your mind that you look forward to accomplishing in 2022. 

I'm sending you love and light. I know we can knock our goal(s) the Fk out.

Let's get it! Don't forget to share a goal down below.

 Also, go checkout out my YouTube video at "Everything April" regarding this same blog topic - I shared a few more goals! 

Until next time...

Ross 🕯✨ ♥️

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