Wax Melts - Out of Stock

Hi there,

I'm here to share that here at Eighth & Ross we will no longer be selling wax melts for now. I'm sure that in the future I'll begin selling them again. However, for now it's just not something I want to continue focusing on as far as inventory or time.

I decided to stop selling them after seeing a decline in interest from my customers. I realized that I sold a very few amount of wax melts monthly and I knew it was time to stop wasting time and money on wax melts for now. I felt that since I don't sell many of them, obviously people come to Eighth & Ross specifically looking for candles. 

I came up with a great way to use the remaining wax and wax melts that I have left. I've decided that with the remaining wax melts I have on hand I'll begin adding one wax melt to each order that I receive over $60. 

I figured that'll be a great way to let customers get a sample of a scent that they didn't order which can in return create more sells if they like what they're smelling. 

I'm also thinking maybe I can break them down into nine pieces and give one square to orders under $60 placed which will still allow for the customer to smell scents that they never tried from us before.

Which ever way I choose to do it will be great for the customer. I look forward to adding wax melts in the future once we have grown and have customers with real interest in wax melts specifically.

We're here to provide what our customers want and currently it is CANDLES baby. 

So, It's the Candle For Me Too Love...

As always thanks for stopping by. 

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Until next time...

☮ 💕 🕯

A. Ross 


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