Never Give Up...

Hey y’all, it’s been a minute but I’m here today. I’m wishing everyone that reads this an awesome day ahead. Let’s make it great.

I wanted to speak on life today and how hard it gets and how it makes us feel. We all go thru hard times that leaves us feeling sick, tired and drained. We all lose certain things and people in life that makes us feel that starting over is not only hard but maybe impossible.

Tuesday a lady I know that comes to my job office often came in full of joy. This was new for me seeing her this way. I’m use to seeing her dragging in, complaining about everything and nothing at all, sad looking and just overall unhappy. Whenever we do engage in discussion I find myself speaking life into her and trying to lift and encourage her.

Recently she lost her bestfriend in the world. She lost the very person who loves her most and knows her best, her mom. Her mother died in a senior living that didn’t allow visitors so she died alone. That really hurts a child no matter your age. We want to be there alongside the people we love while they’re living in their last days. Our presence alone in those last days means just as much to us as it would to our loved ones. However, because she couldn’t visit her, it has taken a toll on her.

Tuesday she came in happy, smiling and she stopped at my desk. Hey April! OMG I’m so glad you’re here. You wouldn’t believe what happened to me just now. Well, she ran into a rapper who happens to be married to her favorite rapper, Cardi B. Y’all know him. She even got a chance to get a picture and rap for him. 🤣 She showed me the pics and man oh man was she excited. It made me excited just seeing her genuine joy and happiness. Her face had light to it. It was really fulfilling.

She got serious and said April I was going through it. I’ve been sad, crying and just miserable. I’ve been asking God for a sign to keep going and I just know this is my sign. This is my sign to keep going to not give up. This is my sign not to call my ex back because he was no good for me anyways. April my mom did this from the other side didn’t she? I said you better know it dear. I said, our Ancestors are our guides if we allow them to be. Your mother will never leave your side. I’m glad you received your sign to never give up. You have everything you need to keep going and push through the sadness. She agreed as she continued to thank her mom smiling.

Y’all it gets hard for us all. At some point or another shxt gets heavy. The difference between many of us is that some of us are burned in the fire while others are built from the fire. You got to allow it to build you instead of burn you. We must find our strength to push through. Whatever that looks like for us individually please just keep pushing.

My girl left the office yesterday glowing like I’d never seen her before. I loved seeing it. It was confirmation for me (not that I needed it) that between our Ancestors and the Universe, we (you and I) are never alone. From the physical realm to the spiritual realm we are connected. Asè’O!!!✨

If you’re reading this young or old keep going and please never give up. You got this shxt!

☮ 💕🕯

A. Ross💋

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