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So, word on the streets is that Eighth & Ross have started to accept wholesale orders. Yes, you heard it right. We have signed on with Faire to sell wholesale and I am so excited to be saying this. Before starting Eighth & Ross one of our future goals was to have a small wholesale tribe that we cater to. So after a little research and some pricing configurations we're finally putting ourselves out there for the awesome opportunities that we'll align with.

This week we have decided to create our account with Faire, which by the way was extremely easy. We then begin adding our products to their site as well and boom - We hit that LIVE button and made it real.

It's been a few days as of today and while no wholesale orders have come through as of yet. We're making sure that we have everything we need to process and complete the orders when they do arrive. 

Stay Ready So You Don't Have To Get Ready

We've decided to accept a few wholesale orders so that Eighth & Ross can be apart of other small businesses as well. Knowing that another dope a*s small business chooses to carry our products in their store for their customers would be an awesome feeling that we're looking forward to. 

If you're interested in checking out our Faire store then head on over to www.faire.com search Eighth & Ross. 

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An email will be sent to your email with your discount code. Happy shopping!

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