Candles For Sale...yes please!

Hey there,

I wanted to share with you a few of our scents that will not restock once they're gone. We also have a few scents that have been marked down and will remain the current price. So let's get right into these delightful fragrances. 

Baby Powder is a staple at Eighth & Ross and will now be available for purchase at a lower rate. Tap in to this vibrant classic we're all use to and love. It's not just for babies, trust me. 

Black Ice is that sexy fragrance that you light up to set the tone, the mood or whatever. Lol! This fragrance is for the masculine and feminine.

Blood Orange is the one and not the two. It's one of those fragrances you just can't let go enough of. The bold orange-y scent is surely one to keep in rotation.

blood orange scented candle

Cashmere Plum is the best plum scent you'll every encounter. It smells so soft yet airy. It fills the room softly but present. It's a beautiful scent to keep on your nightstand.

cashmere plum

Cozy Cashmere is oowee what is this kind of scent. It's the hints of cocoa butter and cedar that are definitely the vibes in this scent-ual.

Golden Amber x Cashmere is a vibrant coconut with hints of delicious vanilla and the ocean breeze feel that create a great combo for this scent-ual. Lol - my best description.

golden amber x cashmere

Mahogany Ocean is a mysteriously sensual aromatic scent that is a must have to your collection. Tap in!

Vintage Rose is a classic luxury powdery rose fragrance that in my opinion is so pretty and sexy.

vintage rose collection

White Tea last but not least has a nice sweet citrus-y fragrance that is light and airy.

white tea scented candle

Each one of these scents have been marked down and will remain at the current price listed. They are all nice additions to your candle collection - so you won't go wrong with either one you choose.

Be sure to browse around and find you something nice. You need the right candle to light once you get home - get comfy and light up your candle to set the tone for your space. Trust me, I know how it go. I stay Lit!

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